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Avoiding Burnout

Tips & Tricks to Avoid the Usual Burnout

Ever start a new workout plan, highly motivated to see this plan through? The first several days go great! Each day you get up early, eat a healthy breakfast, and give that gym your all, but then you get lax. You stop feeling motivated; it's harder to convince yourself to get up early and go to the gym, so you tell yourself, "everyone needs a rest day. I'll get up early tomorrow." But you don't. Then you beat yourself up and avoid the gym altogether for a while.

burnout exhaustion

Eventually, you realize the goals you're setting for yourself are unrealistic. I have seen organizations practically dead on social media suddenly decide they need to be more active, grow their following, get more likes, etc. They make a plan - post content every day, multiple times a day. This sudden plan of revival comes from a good place, but this effort will only lead to posting burnout.

Content Side Effects

This sudden posting spurt will produce content side effects. The demand to post daily will have you grasping at straws to spin into online gold. Social media platforms each have different, yet similar algorithms. The frequency you post is just as important as the quality of the content you post. Your content needs to make sense for your brand.


Many online tools are available to help you plan your content for the week. Meta Business Suite is a great free tool to help you plan and schedule your Facebook and Instagram content for weeks at a time.

My favorite and free planning tool is Google Calendars. You can create individual calendars such as a 'Social Media' calendar and make posting dates. Your event title will be the post's topic, and the description can contain details you may need. As a social media manager for other businesses and organizations, I prefer this method because I can then share the calendar with my clients, and get a visual of what content I am posting and when they can expect to see it.


Set attainable goals. I keep saying this, but I cannot stress this enough. Making daily social media posts, burning out, and suddenly dropping off does not help promote your content. Many algorithms on the platforms you're posting on will essentially see you as "unreliable," and won't boost your content. Develop content relatable to your brand or organization, and set a schedule. I always recommend to start with posting three

days per week. If you're writing a blog, start with once a month. After a few months, re-evaluate your goals and efforts. If you notice an increase in your following and engagement, increase your social and blogging frequencies by one. Rinse and repeat.

Burnout Avoided

Whether it be blogging, vlogging, email marketing, or posting on social media, the same idea applies - set reasonable and attainable goals. Plan and develop a posting schedule that is easy to stick with, and re-evaluate and adjust periodically. If you still find yourself getting stressed or overwhelmed at the idea of posting your content online, book a free consultation and let us help you reach your goals.


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